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50/50 poly/cotton - A tight knit of polyester and cotton that can be easily washed in warm/hot water
100% Pre-Shrunk - Cotton fabric pre-washed to standard sizing - should be cold water washed but will take warm
Combed Cotton - Cotton fabric that has been combed for a soft feel
Ring Spun Combed Cotton - Luxuriously soft cotton fabric - One to look for in tshirts
Pima Cotton - Superior strength and unmatched softness - found in Sportshirts
First Quality - The best fabric the mill has released without holes, stains, uneven stitching, mislabling
Irregulars - Can pass for first quality in some items but still can have minute holes, stains, stitching errors, mislabling
................. - These pass as first quality when the mill excludes whole lots instead of specific problem items not meeting the FQ grade
Seconds.. - You don't want these, they are cheap with holes, mends, stains, stitching errors, etc, etc, etc
Knit Jersey - Tight flat knit fabric - best for screen printing - polo shirts or tshirts
Spandex - 95/5 stretchable cotton blend found in fitted ladies/jr. shirts
Pique Knit - Knit with a texture in the fabric, still can be screened but embroidery would look better
Jacguard/Herringbone Knit - A geometric patterns of knit, vertical bands - found in high quality sportshirts
Chambray - A dressier woven fabric with white threads across colored threads
5.6 ounce - Reserved for 50/50 tshirts, sportshirts or light weight cotton tshirts
6.1-7.0 ounce - Reserved for 100% tshirts, sportshirts, heavier feel
7.5-8 ounce - Reserved for mid-weight sweatshirts
9-11 ounce - Reserved for heavy weight to super heavy sweatshirts or fleece
12-13 ounce - Reserved for fleece lined or quilted jackets
fabric weight - is not the weight of the garment itself, but rather an average weight of one square yard of all colors
of the fabric from which the shirt was cut. Heavier weight fabrics tend to be more luxurious and longer lasting, while lighter weights are generally cost less
Mid-Weight - Refers to standard weight sweatshirts
Heavy-Weight - Refers to heavier sweatshirts, they are thicker/denser to the feel
Sweatshirt Material - In reference to standard flat knit of sweatshirts that can be also used for jacket lining
Satin Shell - Shiny outer fabric of baseball jackets from light to heavy weight
Oxford Shell - Somewhat shiny but with some texture-better for screen printing durablity
Teklon-Nylon - A stiffer nylon outer shell for Jackets-great for water repelling
Taslan-Nylon - For Jackets, duller finish, a crinkle look and water repellant
Cotton Duck Cloth - A rough canvas-like outer material for work jackets
Microfiber - A tightly woven with a soft feel in some jackets, hats, or windshirts that is water repellent
Microfleece - A high density, anti-pilling fleece of micro-fibers with high capacity for warmth without the weight
Rip-Stop Nylon - For rough use that prevents continuous tearing
Poplin Material - a 60/40 poly cotton brushed light material-found in Jacket Shells or high crown hats
Nylon Material - Basic nylon material used for light weight coaching jackets
Fleece Material - When the 'fleece' item or a 'fleece' lining has that fuzzy soft feel
Sueded Finish - heavyweight 9-ounce, 78/22 cotton/poly for a tremendous feel & relaxed look
Quilted Lining - A poly filled nylon lining stitched in diamond shaping to give warmth
Kasha or Flannel Lining - A light cotton material used as lining in nylon or other light jackets
Port-Hole Mesh - Large holes seen in Football or basketball nylon jerseys
Mini-Mesh - Small holes seen in football or basketball nylong jerseys-preferred by screen printers
Dazzle Cloth - Found in sport nylon jerseys, no holes in fabric, shiny & slick to the feel
R-Tek Fleece - 13-ounce, 100% filament polyester with lightweight warmth
Bonded Fleece - 100% polyester Microfleece bonded to 100% polyester Microfleece, lt.wt yet warm


Mens: XS - 30-32, S - 34-36, M-38-40, L-42-44, XL-46-48, 2XL-50-52, 3XL-54-55
Womens: XS-32-34, S-34-35, M-36-38, L-39-41, XL-43-45, 1X+ is 47-51, 2X+ is 52-56

Color charts on the computer screen & glossy catalog pages try to be accurate but sometimes a color may not be true

You may request a color chart or a swatch if available for no cost or purchase a blank item at its single price including mailing charges

If you can't personally see the item in our store, then this is a good way to check out the sizing

Sizing is standard, however, between brands there may be a slight variation in width or length by .5-1"


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