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Prices are the same for 1 or Many, Apparel prices differ

Left Chest Only - One Line/Name
Left Chest Only - 2 Lines
Left Chest Only - 3 Lines
Back Only - 1 Line 2"ltr:
Sleeve Only - 1 Line 2"ltr:
Back Only - 2 Lines 2"ltr:
Back Only - 1 Lines 3"ltr:
Left Chest or Hat Front Size:
Full Back or Full Front =
Vertical Down Sleeve:
FREE art prep after 30 shirts or 48 hats have been ordered
Baptism Satin Blanket with Initial: $44.90ea
Baptism Fleece Blanket with cross: $19.90ea
Baptism Satin Bib with Inital: $16.00ea
Baptism Satin Bib with Name & Birthdate: $12.00ea, with Cross: $11.00ea
Baptism Lg.Sleeve Onsie with Name & Birthdate: $12.90-15.90ea, Cross: $11.90ea
Size and amount of detail would determine the stitchcount
We are not responsible for Suppliers lack of stock in a particular brand
Average Left Chest Stitchout - 5000-12000 stitches
Depending on amount of design filled in.
Charge: $1.00/1000 stitches (1-48 items) OVER minimum of $2.50
Discounts may apply to larger quantities.
Average Back Design Outlined - 40-60,000 stitches
Average Back Design Filled In - 60-150,000 sts
Satin Appliquing can reduce costs - Call
*Higher stitchout rates apply under minimum counts
Prices change periodically, so Call now!
If you know the style, quantity, color, sizes of your order,
call us with your credit card number.
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