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Men of Steel

We make patches

Sewing back of Jacket
The rough drawing is scanned in and brought up
through the embroidery program to plot stitches.

First an applique of white material, placed before
stitching over it in white on dark colors.
This makes the white really white and not
an shade of white on the green.
Since the jacket is placed upside down onto the
machine, the design has to be upside down also on
the computer screen before outputting to the machine.
Mostly satin stitches were used except for the
designs with 'holes' & the 'rifles', these are
filled stitches. Design size: 13"wide X 10"high.
This took approximately 8 hours from design time
to stitching it out.

Here's a embroidery process that starts with a rough drawing to a great jacket back: