* Pre-Embroidered Items for Sale from T-Shirt Shoppe *

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Wolf Dreamcatcher 9.35"x6.75"
Stitched on Sand colored sweatshirt
Real beads attached
on center & sides $24.90
Buffalo Dreamcatcher 9.60"x6.50"
Stitched on Lt.Grey colored sweatshirt
Real beads attached
on 3 strands $26.90
Moose Design 7.8"x 7.00"
Stitched on Grey
sweatshirt $9.90
Heart Ornament    Heart Earrings
Squirrel Pumpkins 9"x 3.25"
Stitched on lt.Yellow sweatshirt
Harvest 8"x 5.5"
Stitched on lt.Yellow sweatshirt, M
Christmas Ornaments 8.3"x 7.2"
Sweatshirt size: Large
on Maroon Color
Santa & Moon 7.5"x 6"
Stitched on lt.Grey sweatshirt
Santa's Sleigh 9.5"x 4"
Stitched on white sweatshirt
Winter is For the Birds 9"x 5"
Stitched on red sweatshirt
Appliqued Fleece tummys
These designs are sold only as on pre-embroidered items, or on your purchases. These items have been
discounted already when sold as pre-embroidered.
Let us know if you want these designs on your purchases.
Freight costs apply.
Designs from:
and Many Others!
Placed on left
hip side->
Ladies Tshirts S-XL = $14.00ea. with designs - 2XL add $4.00ea.

Embossed lettering for your towels:
$12.00/each stitchout, 3.60"x 3.90"
Add towel cost.

small designed pillows
Price varies depending
on size & design work

Embroidery Font
Single 3.5"
one line =
Call or email
for a quote.
Landscape swatches
5x7" $9.00ea. - 8x10"$14.00ea
Designs from embroidery.com
Stitched out for you.

5x7 Frames are for display
Frames ($2-3ea.) not shipped with glass

Cat Witch 8"x 6.90"

Lace Inserts $6-14ea.